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I am a twenty-something year old with a fondness for books, snail mail and summer dresses. I work in a bookshop and live in the pages of books.


Wrapped - Jennifer Bradbury First off, isn’t this cover gorgeous? It’s what attracted me to this book. I am glad I did because it took me away from the present for a couple of fun-filled hours. Infused with history, humor and romance, Wrapped is an adventure tale featuring a plucky heroine.Agnes Wilkins is not your typical Regency lady. Instead of going to balls and flirting with potential suitors, Agnes rather spend her time reading novels by a Lady and learning languages. But alas, her debut has come and her first event is a mummy unwrapping at the house of Lord Showalter – London’s most eligible and desirable bachelor. There she steals away an object found on the mummy and gets follow by a strange waiter who is mysteriously found dead at the end of the party. This sets off a chain of events with Agnes potentially caught in the middle.One great thing about this novel is the family dynamics presented. Most YA novels do not show a positive relationship between parents and child, so I thought that is a nice touch. While Agnes’ mom does not understand her child’s interest in literature over catching a beau, she still obviously loves Agnes. And vice versus. Agnes’ spunk is unusual for the time period, but her father clearly loves her for her adventurous independent spirit and does not force her to change.Wrapped is an enjoyable read. I adore Agnes partly because she has a mutual love for Austen and partly because she can speak ten different languages. So envious of that talent. The pacing is steady and made for quick reading. The adventure is filled with fun mishaps and historical detail. While sophisticated readers might easily deduce the villain, the story has a charm that will keep readers going. At least it did for me.