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I am a twenty-something year old with a fondness for books, snail mail and summer dresses. I work in a bookshop and live in the pages of books.

Finding Nouf: A Novel

Finding Nouf - Zoë Ferraris Nouf was an sixteen year old girl from a wealthy family and was about to get married before she disappeared. A couple of days later, she was found dead in the desert. Nayir, the desert guide who was hired by the family to locate her when they believe she ran away in the desert is not content with just learning about her death. When it is discovered that she drowned, he sets off to discover the mystery that surrounds Nouf's death. A devout man, Nayir, is not allowed much personal contact with females so he must join forces with Katya Hajiza, a medical worker in the coroner's office. A wonderful literary debut that is an intriguing mystery and a window to life between men and women in Saudi Arabia. I highly enjoyed the story, trying to figure out the mystery as I read. Nouf felt like a real character as her life unravel to discover the motives and identity of the killer and I was pretty surprise when the killer was revealed. A book I highly recommend.