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I am a twenty-something year old with a fondness for books, snail mail and summer dresses. I work in a bookshop and live in the pages of books.

Things I Know About Love

Things I Know About Love - Kate Le Vann At first sight, I expected this 150 page novel to be a fun, fluffy story about love. When I delved in, I got much more than that. Things I Know About Love is a fast-paced story that explores Livia Stowe experiences with love as she journeys from the UK to visit her brother in the USA.Livia is an easy character to root for. Since the story is set up in blog posts, the readers gets to hear Livia's voice as she recounts the one relationship that she had, her desire to find true love, and her experiences and emotions as she starts falling. It's definitely something every teenage girl can relate to.What I love most is how the author avoids the cliche rampant in YA of absent/indifferent parents. In this story, Livia has a strong relationship with both her mom and brother. It's heartwarming to see how that kind of open relationship is showcase in the story.I had some reservations with the ending, partly because it didn't seem that realistic, but overall, a touching book on love - all different kinds of it.