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The Ghosts of Kerfol

The Ghosts of Kerfol - Deborah Noyes In Edith Wharton’s ghost story “Kerfol” - a young man discovers the ghost story behind Kerfol, the name of the mansion that his friend urges he buy. The tale is of the young Anne de Barrigan, a young Frenchwoman convicted of murdering her jealous husband - Yves de Cornault.Deborah Noyes takes that story and rewrites it in her first short story in the collection - “Hunger Moon”. She sets the story through the observations of the eyes of a maid that works for Anne de Barrigan before and during the night of the murder. The prominent theme of the story, fidelity and betrayal, finds it way to the other four stories of the collection. Set at Kerfol, the other stories follow a young artist on the brink of a wealthy inheritance, a party girl during the Prohibition, an American couple that seem to have lost their love for each other and a deaf gardener from a family of musicians.Each stories intertwine with other elements - not just the setting. The dead dogs, the lovely diamond and sapphire necklace, the appearances of the dead characters from the first story. Also, Deborah Noyes builds the stories on each one by adding things from the previous story. The portraits painted by the artist and more (since I rather not spoil the stories by giving it all away).An eerie and haunting ghost story.