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Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker was definitely a great book to usher in summer. Set during the season, the story has travel elements as well as a potential summer romance - two things that I like to read about, especially during summer. But make no mistake, this is not a light hearted novel on the fun times of summer - the heart of Walker's book focuses on relationships, betrayals and most of all, forgiveness. While the natural feeling is to hate Clem for going after her best friend's boyfriend, Walker has written Clem as a pretty sympathetic character. She's definitely flawed with her bratty and selfish moments. There were times when I wanted to shake her for the way she treats her family. However, her actions and emotions are realistic and natural given she's a teenager with her heart broken and reeling from intense emotions. Walker's use of flashbacks to showcase the events leading up to Clem and Amanda's break in friendship lend to Clem's sympathetic characterization. I definitely felt for Clem after what happened. Especially when it comes to light that she's the one saddled with the majority of the blame, while The Boy gets off scot-free. Which is a double standard that drove me bananas. And speaking of characters, I love love love the secondary characters. Walker has definitely created a fun, likable crew of characters. First off, Clem's parents. Too often when I read YA, the parents are either terrible, dead or never much on the page. This isn't the case here. The positive relationship they have with their children is one that I would like to see more often in YA. I also adore the sibling relationship between Clem and Olive as well as the run ins with the older couple, Ruth and George. To tell you the truth, I know nothing about boats and sailing so I cannot say if Walker's portrayal of this world is realistic, but I can tell you that I enjoyed her illustrations of sailing life. The nautical aspects of the story add to the story and never slow the pacing. Additionally, Walker makes it fun with the puns Clem and company encounter throughout the trip. Overall, I enjoyed my time with this book. Walker has created a emotionally driven story with great characterization and a common theme that can be relatable to most teens.