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I am a twenty-something year old with a fondness for books, snail mail and summer dresses. I work in a bookshop and live in the pages of books.

Shadowed Summer

Shadowed Summer - Saundra Mitchell So, I like ghost stories. In fact, I’m kinda a sucker for anything supernatural (except zombies! Those supernatural creatures kinda creep me out with their flesh problem, anyway…) so when I heard about Shadowed Summer, I wanted to read it.It’s the summer in Ondine, Louisiana and Iris and Collette spend their time playing at witchcraft - making up spells, pretend conjuring, etc. because there is nothing to do. The only interesting thing that happen was years ago, but it was just an incident. The town called it ”The Incident with the Landry Boy” - which was Elijah Landry just disappearing. But when Iris is hanging out at the cemetery, Elijah Landry’s ghost starts haunting her. Why her? And what happened to him?While I didn’t love the story, I didn’t hate it either. It was just a fun, quick read for me. None of the characters really stood out for me and I really did not like Collette’s annoying ways, at times. There was that fun twist in the end - which I won’t tell you about, so you’ll just have to read it. For fans of ghost stories or fun reading, well, if you consider ghosts fun.