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I am a twenty-something year old with a fondness for books, snail mail and summer dresses. I work in a bookshop and live in the pages of books.

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye - Deb Caletti “He takes my hand and we shake, and then I give up on that and give him a hug. You never know, you see, when or where you will stumble on a sudden connection, a lifelong bond with another human being. A hundred people can sit down in a booth and it will be eggs amd toast. And another one, just one, will sit down and will change your life, be monumental with just coffee.” Indigo Skye is content with her life. She has “a waitress job she loves, an adorable refrigerator-delivery-guy boyfriend, and a home life that’s slightly crazed but rich in love”. But when she gets a 2.5 million dollar tip, things start to change. Indigo gets warnings that money will change her and she brushes it off thinking that she will be the same - just with more money. But she does start changing… and begin to rely on what people have instead of who they are. Indigo is a great character to follow as she receives something that changes her life and makes her rethink the world she lives in. Her family is also fun to read about. Freud with his cat antics. Chico, the not-so-nice bird. Indigo’s mom who is menopause and denying it. Severin, Indigo’s twin that seems, out of the bunch, the most normal (mainstream) of the bunch and Bex, the younger sister that watches CNN and is raising money for tsumani victims. Reading the story made me feel warm and light-hearted. The story was not fast-paced, overly romantic or dramatic. Rather it is a quiet, whimiscal piece that reminds me of Sarah Dessen’ s work. A story not about money leading to happiness but rather a girl who is figuring out what she wants from life and rather be poor and rich in love than rich and desponent.